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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woohoo is now exhausting

Update: 1.31-1.33 version - > Showtime
New try for baby and woohoo places added: Try for baby in Box of Mystery, Woohoo in Box of Mystery and Woohoo in Photobooth.

This mod is making drop of energy and hygiene when sims are making Woohoo and Try For Baby.
Simple as that.
The bed woohoo is the most exhausting when in elevator is less and so on. Also working for Pets.
Vampires will get a little Thirst gain in some situations.

 I was always wandering why sims are losing for example hygiene in gardening but not by woohoo? Or energy?
So I made this simple mod to try keep it realistic. Also fun will be raised every time. Why? Because Woohoo is fun!

Files used: TryForBaby_Hottub, TryForBaby_InShower, TryForBaby_Sarcophagus, TryForBaby_Sim, TryForBaby_TimeMachine, TryForBaby_Treehouse, Woohoo_ActorTrailer, Woohoo_Elevator, Woohoo_HayStack_Sim, Woohoo_HayStackB_Sim, Woohoo_InBoxStall_Sim, Woohoo_InEiffelTower, Woohoo_InRabbitHole, Woohoo_InShower, Woohoo_PetHouse_Sim, Woohoo_PetHouseB_Sim, Woohoo_Sarcophagus, Woohoo_Sim, Woohoo_TimeMachine, Woohoo_TreeHouse.

Will conflict with any mod changing at least one of this files.
Should work with older version of the game and other expansions(if you don't have Pets)

There are 3 version. Use only one!

Woohoo_Motives_Pets - normal version of the mod.
Woohoo_Motives2x_Pets - drops 2x times more then in normal version.
Woohoo_Motives4x_Pets - drops 4x times more then in normal version.

My game is in Polish, so here are translations:
Higiena - Hygiene
Energia -Energy
Pragnienie -Thirst

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