Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Flying Fairies mod

Another mod about Fae kind.
You may consider it as a continuation to my Invisible Fairy Wings mod.
I made a few flavors.

1. No_Fairy_Flight -> The only gifts from Fairy could be: Golden Toad or Inner Beauty.
No Flight of Felicity.
File used: OccultFairy

2. No_FlyingInteractions -> Fairies will not talk about Flight Experience and can't Bestow Flight of Felicity to anyone.
File used: SocialData_EP7

3. No_ICanFly_Fairies -> Makes I Can Fly interaction unavaible to any Fairy.
No autonomous I Can Fly too.
Only sims affected by Fairy dust will have this interaction available.
File used: SimICanFly

4. No_Flying_Fairies -> All in one version.

You can use any flavor, in any combination.
All flavors are in one .rar file.

Fairies will still fly while running.

If you have any question,s problems or anything write a comment :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Sacred Meadow Arboretum - base

This is the base lot. It means that you can change entrance to it how you like it.

You must have twallan's NraasDebugEnabler to make the last step.
1. Destroy wall in the middle(this one that stands on fog emitter)
2. Use cheat: moveobjects on to be able to place doors on the fog emitter without the wall.
3. Place normal doors or Barrier to Entry System doors.
If you placed normal doors go to 5. if Barrier doors then go to 4.
4. Click on Barrier doors, set who can get in and who cannot.
5. Click on the doors, choose Nraas -> Debug -> Object -> Toggle Visibility.
Now your doors will be pernamently invisible. 
Beware that after that you cannot delete the doors anymore.
You can Toggle Visibility of any object.
That's also how I made the "wall" around the lot.

Base lot:

Immortal Reward name change -> Daywalker

I used Stubble to make this one.
It changes name of Immortal/Supervampire Reward for Life Time Happiness points for Vampires.

I've changed two languages. English and Polish. Rest stays the same. 
If you want you can write your language version in comments so I can update it. 
Or write your ideas how it should be named.

Description: Your origins allows you to walk in the day light.

Chodzący za dnia dla mężczyzn i Chodząca za dnia dla kobiet.
Opis: Twoje pochodzenie pozwala ci poruszać się w świetle słonecznym.

I think Daywalker sounds more interesting then Immortal. 
For ex. I am using twallan's NraasStoryProgression mod that already makes all Vampires immortal.
It also looks much better when you have Fairy-Vampire hybrid.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Creepy Awesomnes

The Secret World Issue #7 A Dream To Kill trailer
and an epic song by Bright September - Sleepless Lullaby

Lot: Arboretum: The Sacred Meadow

Here is a lot for Fairies. Arboretum.
It may seems that the lot is open, but there is only one entrance in the middle.
Sims can enter through the portal.

Portal will close itself when sim enter.
In the center lies Arboretum rug.
This picture presents how effects are placed on the lot:

Have fun :D
Lot size: 30x30
There are 2 versions:
1. The Sacred Meadow -> Only Fairies can enter
2. The Sacred Meadow(No Vampires) -> All can enter, but not Vampires.
In both versions any kind of Zombie is exluded.
You can install both.
No CC.
Things you will need:
Supernatural EP.
 Ambitions EP for Fog Emitter
World Adventures EP for Processor(green rug on screen)
-> Arboretum rug
Barrier to Entry System from Le Cinema Plumbob Venue

Things you may need:
twallan's NraasDebugEnabler
(used to make invisible "wall" around the lot)


If you have questions, ideas, write them in comments :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Invisible Fairy Wings mod

I've used TS3 No Effects Modder by velocitygrass to make this mod.
This mod makes Fairy wings invisible. For all ages.
Now you can hide your Fae kind beetween normal sims.
There are 2 versions of this mod.
1: Wings are invisible in game time and in CAS 
--> InvisibleFairyWings
2. Wings are visible in CAS. 
 --> InvisibleFairyWingsCAS
It is perfect for setting the color of your Fairy's light.

Use only one version at a time!