Friday, July 12, 2013

Lot: Arboretum: The Sacred Meadow

Here is a lot for Fairies. Arboretum.
It may seems that the lot is open, but there is only one entrance in the middle.
Sims can enter through the portal.

Portal will close itself when sim enter.
In the center lies Arboretum rug.
This picture presents how effects are placed on the lot:

Have fun :D
Lot size: 30x30
There are 2 versions:
1. The Sacred Meadow -> Only Fairies can enter
2. The Sacred Meadow(No Vampires) -> All can enter, but not Vampires.
In both versions any kind of Zombie is exluded.
You can install both.
No CC.
Things you will need:
Supernatural EP.
 Ambitions EP for Fog Emitter
World Adventures EP for Processor(green rug on screen)
-> Arboretum rug
Barrier to Entry System from Le Cinema Plumbob Venue

Things you may need:
twallan's NraasDebugEnabler
(used to make invisible "wall" around the lot)


If you have questions, ideas, write them in comments :)

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  1. This is a nice True Blood inspired lot !
    I'm not competent to do that but I would very much see the same kind of lot but the Sim would be teleported in a underground club, quite like in the series ;) I don't know if this is possible at all though lol