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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Sacred Meadow Arboretum - base

This is the base lot. It means that you can change entrance to it how you like it.

You must have twallan's NraasDebugEnabler to make the last step.
1. Destroy wall in the middle(this one that stands on fog emitter)
2. Use cheat: moveobjects on to be able to place doors on the fog emitter without the wall.
3. Place normal doors or Barrier to Entry System doors.
If you placed normal doors go to 5. if Barrier doors then go to 4.
4. Click on Barrier doors, set who can get in and who cannot.
5. Click on the doors, choose Nraas -> Debug -> Object -> Toggle Visibility.
Now your doors will be pernamently invisible. 
Beware that after that you cannot delete the doors anymore.
You can Toggle Visibility of any object.
That's also how I made the "wall" around the lot.

Base lot:

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