Friday, February 22, 2013

Mods updated to Patch 1.50

Life Span:
1. Immortal Vampires, Genies and Fairies. Werewolfs has normal human life span.
2. Everyone is mortal -> Mortality Ticket

Drink From Everyone - Vampires:
Vampires can drink from everyone and turn everyone.

 Hardly Hungry Vampires:
If vampire has Hardly Hungry Trait from Lifetime Rewards 
he/she will get slower decay of Thirst
Vampire Mood Mod:
Many changes in moodlets/buffs. 
1. Vampires will burn on sun immediatly.
2. Daywalkers: vampires can walk in the sun.
both version:
-with or without Stride of Pride moodlet.
Deleted Sparkling moodlets.
(Stride of Pride not deleted) 

Faster Transformation:
Faster Transformation for vampires.
From 1 Day to Instant transformation.
Instant: Vampire will freeze for sometime, don't worry about it.

Better Vampires:
Vampires will get "blood sweat" when working out or jogging. 
They will loose Thirst/Blood. Be aware.
Also they will learn some skills faster or slower.
NPC vampires will not get any Plasma Fruits.

Sleep Hormone(Fixed):
I forgot to place rest of files into rar. Now it is fixed.
Sims and pets will not loose Hunger while sleeping.
Few versions for vampires:
Bladder in name -> Will regenerate Bladder for vampires on altars.
If you believe that vampires do not pee and so on.
Thirst -> will stop Thirst from decaying while sleeping on altars and beds.

Woohoo Motives:
Sims will loose Hygiene and Energy while woohooing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Patch 1.50 and University Life

It seems that 1.50 patch is a preparation for University Life expansion. 
I will update my mods soon.