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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Harry Potter Spells + V2

This modification changes names for spells. I wanted to add some magicly sounding words for spells not just simple Ice blast or Lucky charm. I studied spells from Harry Potter series to find those that has same effect like spells in Sims 3. Ofcourse there are mistakes. Sims 3 magic is not Harry Potter magic. If you have other ideas for names don't hesitate to comment them ;)
or anything else

Play with magic is now Practise spellcasting

List of spells: 
Fire blast - Incendio
Iceb blast - Aguamenti
Conjure apple - Aparecium apple
Sunlight Charm - Enervate
Upgrade Appliances - Reparo
Conversion Ritual - Transtuli alius
Love Charm - Incarcerous
Toadification Curse - Toadus Totalus(made up name by me)
Haunting Curse - Confringo
Hunger, Bladder and Hygiene Charms - Rennervate ...
Hunger, Bladder, and Hygiene Curses - Relashio ...
Pestilence Curse - Crucio
Restoration Ritual - Salvio Hexia
Reanimation Ritual - Mobilicorpus
Luck charm - Rictusempra

V2 uploaded.
It changes Luck charm to Felix Felicis and Love charm to Amortentia.

Go Make Magic!

You will also find the list of spells inside the .rar file



  1. Sunlight Charm could be Lumos?

    1. Enervate is for canceling spell or curse from person. So I thought that it will be good cause sunlight charm removes zombification or effect of toad spell from sim

  2. http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_spells

  3. I find it funny that the love charm is Incarcerous, which is a binding spell XD But maybe it should be Amortentia, even though thats a love potion. And the luck charm could be Felix Felicis.
    Any way, this is awesome! I'll probably get it when I get Supernatural :)

  4. This is genius!!! Although yeah I agree with anon above me, love charm should probably be Amortentia, and the luck charm should be Felix Felicis. But I love the idea!!!!

    1. V2 uploaded. Felix Felicis for Luck charm and Amortentia for Love charm

  5. Yayyyy! Love it1!!

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  7. I haven't downloaded them yet, so I'm just gonna list all the spells and what I think would be the best name for it. I'll leave out anything I can't figure out or that I think is fine.

    Conversion Ritual: Transfigure, Ice Blast: Glacius.

    Upgrade Appliance: Enchant, Spellcasting Duel: Duel.

    Sunlight Charm: Lumos Solem, what Hermione uses in the first movie to free Ron from the Devil's Snare. Lumos is the light spell, and Solem translates from Latin to sun.

    Restoration Ritual: Reparo and Scourgify

    Reanimation Ritual: Use Resurrection Stone.

  8. hello, I know it's been a while... but could you update the mod to rename the three missing charms/curses? Energy, Fun and Social.