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Sunday, September 9, 2012

True Blood Life Span Fairies and Genies

As requested(or not in the end) here are different versions of True Blood Life Span mod.

In this file you will find:
Use only one at a time!
File used: AgingManager

Fairies_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Fairies are immortal
Fairies_Genies_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Fairies and Genies are immortal
Fairies_Vampires_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Fairies and Vampires are immortal
Genies_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Genies are immortal
Genies_Vampires_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Genies and Vampires are immortal
Vampires_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Vampires are immortal

In all versions Werewolfs have life span like humans.

 All in one version:

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  1. Thank you ! ;) This is exactly what I needed !