Daily Laughter

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Faster Vampire Transformation for Supernatural

Updated version. All versions as previous.

VampireTransformation_Instant -> Sim will turn instantly, it means: messeges will pop up one by one, sim will get red light, bats around and glowing skin. Ta da!

VampireTransformation_30M -> Every messege will pop up after 10 sim minutes. And after last messege sim will finish his or hers turn.

VampireTransformation_1H -> Turn will take 1 sim hour. Firts messege after 10 sim minutes, second after 20 and last one after 30.

VampireTransformation_12H -> Turn will take 12 sim hours. First message after 1 hour, second after 5 hours and last one after 6 hours.

VampireTransformation_1D -> Turn will take 1 day. Like the last day of sim's mortality. First message after 5 hours, second after 7 hours and last one after 12 hours.


  1. I don't know if it's just me, but I think this mod makes my game freeze in place any time I have a vampire do any interaction. Anyone care to enlighten me? Or is the drink from everyone doing it? Anybody out there having this problem?

    1. I am using my mods and a bunch of many others and it seems to work fine. See if any of your mods conflict with my mods. For Faster Trasformation I used BuffsVampireBite, for Vampire Drink: SocialData_BaseGame

    2. Okay, maybe it wasn't this one. I figured it was something having to do with mixing my Meta.Data and TravelDB.package from old save games with my new one (i.e. saved world data from NRaas Traveler) that froze my game. Thank you for the info. No other mods of mine conflicted, except the MTS shoni mods