Daily Laughter

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mods - few new versions

Hi. Today I am finally giving you the version of the mod that some people were asking me for some time.
This new version will not only fill Thirst/Blood for Vampires but also Energy!
This is for Vampire Slower Thirst Decay mod.
When Vampire will "drink" from someone, he/she will get both Thirst and Energy bar full and also get Energized moodlet. This moodlet is filling Energy bar.
It will fill Energy bar each 3 sim hours, 
when Thirst bar hit to Thirsty moodlet, Energized moodlet will turn off.
I am a fun of Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher's mods so I've made two versions of his mod and mine.
I've only edited Thirst section.
Use only one version!
E - is for Energized
D - Thirst will decay completly
ED -  both

VampireMood Spark
This version is bringing back Sparkly and PermaSpakrly moodlets.
If you wish to use Sun protection elixirs on your Vampires.
2 versions, with and without "Walks"

Planstim possibility 1.63
It was already updated to 1.63 with rest of the mods, but I forgot to upload it here :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Invisible Fairy Wings - Into the Future update

If you are experiencing lack of effects after installing Into the Future
(like: no energy inside portal gate)
use this updated version:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Beter Vampires - Hardcore version

Please be aware that using Hardcore verion of Better Vampires mod 
can still kill your Vampire by starvation.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

1.63 Update for Mods

Hi :) I've updated my mods to 1.63 patch.
Also I am proud to present the NEW mod for you guys and gals :D
It is called: Vampire Slower Thirst Decay. Name says it all.

*NEW*Vampire Slower Thirst Decay*NEW*
This mod will slower the decay of Thirst for Vampires.
There are 3 versions and 1 sub-version for each main varsion.
V1 -> Thirst decays slower at beginning, at Thirsty moodlet it will speed up 
and slow down a bit at Very Thirsty to completly stop at Madly Thirsty.
V2 ->Thirst will decay faster at the beginning 
and slow down with moodlets to stop at Madly Thirsty too.
V3 ->Thirst will decay with constant speed to stop at Madly Thirsty.
Yes! Your Vampire will not die by starving.
Even from Too Much Sun moodlet.
Your Vampires can finaly go Cold Turkey if you ever dreamed about it :)
Only keep them away from the fridge.
If you are using Enirei's mod the Vampire Hunter, you can still dust Vampires by stake.
Mod versions with D letter still allows Vampires to die by starving.

Life Span

Motality Ticket 
(other version of Life Span)

Drink From Everyone Vampires

Hardly Hungry Vampires

Vampire Mood
->This time I have deleted Stride of Pride and Walk of Shame, these walks were annoying
You can still have them in 2 version of this mod
DOWNLOAD  <- version with walks

Faster Transformation

Better Vampires
2 version is new. It is called Hardcore. It drains much more Thirst from Vampires.
I suggest to use it with new mod: Vampire Slower Thirst Decay

Sleep Hormone 

Woohoo Motives
2 new woohoo places added from Into the Future EP: Jetpack and Bot Making Station.

Update 1.63

You can update your game to update 1.63. It seems my mods are working with 1.63. 
But I will update them anyway to be completly sure. 
Updates will be posted when I finish with them all :)