Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mortality Ticket Life Span

Requested by Wojtek. 
This mod makes everyone mortal. Vampires, Fairies and all other sups.

File used: Aging Manager.
Will conflict with my Life Span mods and any other using this file.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Harry Potter Spells + V2

This modification changes names for spells. I wanted to add some magicly sounding words for spells not just simple Ice blast or Lucky charm. I studied spells from Harry Potter series to find those that has same effect like spells in Sims 3. Ofcourse there are mistakes. Sims 3 magic is not Harry Potter magic. If you have other ideas for names don't hesitate to comment them ;)
or anything else

Play with magic is now Practise spellcasting

List of spells: 
Fire blast - Incendio
Iceb blast - Aguamenti
Conjure apple - Aparecium apple
Sunlight Charm - Enervate
Upgrade Appliances - Reparo
Conversion Ritual - Transtuli alius
Love Charm - Incarcerous
Toadification Curse - Toadus Totalus(made up name by me)
Haunting Curse - Confringo
Hunger, Bladder and Hygiene Charms - Rennervate ...
Hunger, Bladder, and Hygiene Curses - Relashio ...
Pestilence Curse - Crucio
Restoration Ritual - Salvio Hexia
Reanimation Ritual - Mobilicorpus
Luck charm - Rictusempra

V2 uploaded.
It changes Luck charm to Felix Felicis and Love charm to Amortentia.

Go Make Magic!

You will also find the list of spells inside the .rar file


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sleep Hormone Supernatural

Mod is updated to Supernatural. Added Fairy House.
It stops Hunger from dropping while sims and pets are sleeping.

Use only one version at a time. Versions are:
SleepHormone -> stops Hunger on all objects
SleepHormone_VamThirst -> also stops Thirst for vampires while sleep
SleepHormone_VamBladdThirst -> stops Thirst and Bladder
SleepHormone_VamBladder -> stops only Bladder for vampires

It will conflict with any other mod changing sleeping objects ITUN files.

Vampire drink mod Fixed

I have fixed mod. Now vampires will properly drink from neck, always

Sunday, September 9, 2012

True Blood Life Span Fairies and Genies

As requested(or not in the end) here are different versions of True Blood Life Span mod.

In this file you will find:
Use only one at a time!
File used: AgingManager

Fairies_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Fairies are immortal
Fairies_Genies_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Fairies and Genies are immortal
Fairies_Vampires_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Fairies and Vampires are immortal
Genies_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Genies are immortal
Genies_Vampires_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Genies and Vampires are immortal
Vampires_TrueBlood_LifeSpan -> only Vampires are immortal

In all versions Werewolfs have life span like humans.

 All in one version:

Minor mods

It seems(at least for now) that my minor mods are working fine. I have in mind: No ghosts, slower cars, no pet investigating etc.

Mod changing strings for vampires(plasma to blood) is working too.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Woohoo Motives Supernatural

 Updated to Supernatural. There are two versions now. Use only one at a time.

Woohoo_Motives and Woohoo_Motivesx2(doubled motives falls and raises)
Added Fairy House, caravan and Wardrobe .
For Fairy House fairies will get positive raise for hygiene and energy.
As they are pure light there, woohoo is much pleasure in essence.

If someone watched last episode of True Blood season 5 you know what I mean.

Hardly Hungry Vampires Supernatural

Updated to Supernatural. 

Use only one at a time!

HardlyHungryVampires_Slow -> 0.20
HardlyHungryVampires_VerySlow -> 0.10
HardlyHungryVampires_ExtraSlow -> 0.05
HardlyHungryVampires_AlmostNever ->0.01
HardlyHungryVampires_Never -> 0.00
- yes, it means your vampire will never need blood again.

Raid mod Supernatural

Updated for Supernatural. Two verions, use only one at a time. 
Enjoy raiding places for blood :)

Police Possibility

Police Times

Files used: Hospital and Grocery XML files.

Conflict: With any other mod changing those files.


VampireRaid_PolicePossibility: -> DOWNLOAD

VampireRaids_NoPolice00 - Police will never arrive.

VampireRaid_Police50 - 50% chances that police will arive.

VampireRaid_Police75 - 75% chances that police will arive.

VampireRaid_Police100 - Police will always arrive.

VampireRaids_PoliceTimes:  -> DOWNLOAD

Raid lasts 1 hour. Changes in time of police coming. (normaly 15-30 minutes)

VampireRaids_Time10-20 - If bust change will be met, police will arive beetwen 10 to 20 minutes.

VampireRaids_Time20-40 - If bust change will be met, police will arive beetwen 20 to 40 minutes.

VampireRaids_Time40-60 - If bust change will be met, police will arive beetwen 40 to 60 minutes.

VampireRaids_Time60 - If bust change will be met, police will arive at the end of the raid.

Better Vampires Supernatural

Updated to Supernatural. Everything same as in older mod.


Requested by LFE:
Version compatible with sHoNi's Vampire Overhaul.


 I have added to his mod files about working out, also changed skill gain bonus for skills, rest is the same like in his original mod.

Faster Vampire Transformation for Supernatural

Updated version. All versions as previous.

VampireTransformation_Instant -> Sim will turn instantly, it means: messeges will pop up one by one, sim will get red light, bats around and glowing skin. Ta da!

VampireTransformation_30M -> Every messege will pop up after 10 sim minutes. And after last messege sim will finish his or hers turn.

VampireTransformation_1H -> Turn will take 1 sim hour. Firts messege after 10 sim minutes, second after 20 and last one after 30.

VampireTransformation_12H -> Turn will take 12 sim hours. First message after 1 hour, second after 5 hours and last one after 6 hours.

VampireTransformation_1D -> Turn will take 1 day. Like the last day of sim's mortality. First message after 5 hours, second after 7 hours and last one after 12 hours.

More Dangerous Sun update for Supernatural* Stride of Pride added

Update for Supernatural. At this time there are only two versions.
1) Changes in Buffs: duration, mood value, vampires will smoke in sun immediately.
2) The same as above but vampires can walk in sun - Daywalkers.
In both versions: If vampire drink from Fairy, it will give him/her +300 for mood. 
Fae blood is so fucking good.

Changed moodlets: DrankFromFairy, Heating Up, Sanguine Snack, Sated, Too Much Sun, Weakened. 
Deteleted: Sparkly, Permasparkly, StrideOfPride.
No more sparking vampires, no matter if they used sunblock elixir or have Super Vampire reward.
Stride of Pride also says goodbye to us. "Third state of syphilis" walk is just stupid. Especially at public lots.

If you have any questions, problems. Just write a comment. 
Enjoy ;)


If someone wants Stride of Pride in the game, this version has this moodlet:
Requested by simmentary


Vampire drink mod for Supernatural*neck drink fixed*

Fixed animation for friendly state, now it is properly drink from neck.
This is an updated version of Dear Vampires drink from everyone! mod.

Previously lines for interactions: vampire drink, ask to turn, offer to turn, were in SocialData_EP3.
Now all of it is placed in SocialData_BaseGame.
New interactions from Supernatural are placed in SocialData_EP7.

Mod was tested, works fine. Version 1.38 of the game.
I wish you all good hunting :D

Friday, September 7, 2012

True Blood Life Span

It is updated version of my previous mod called: More or Less Vampires Days.
I decided to make only one version of this mod. For example: no more Take them out! version, cause you can disable vampires in game options and so on.

As the title says it is based on True Blood series. 
Vampires are immortal as they can be without new life happiness reward.
Age multiplier is 999999999999999999999999999999999. Game will show 0 days to next life state.

Fairies are also immortal now. Full blood fairies only. If your fairie will have human children with human partner, they are human = mortal.

Genies are immortal too. This all powerful creatures must be immortal.

And last, Werewolves have life span like humans. 
Enjoy :D
More updates coming soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Supernatural mods update

I will update my mods at weekend as soon as I will get the Supernatural. 
Europe Launch is on 6 september. 

I just love how EA is launching their games. USA first, everyone else later.
Global launch is not so difficult to do lol. EA just like to make us wait for their games.
 BTW. Sims 3 always has all launguages, there is no difference beetween USA version of the games and all others...