Daily Laughter

Friday, June 28, 2013

Update 1.55 also Island Paradise

Finaly I managed to update all mods.
Hopefully there is Eluveitie, Ghost Brigade, Skyclad and other bands that keeped me sane in this process :D
If you wander what this each mod does check Mod Info.
And if you have any questions or problems, ask in comment :)

Life Span

Motality Ticket
(other version of Life Span)

Drink From Everyone Vampires

Hardly Hungry Vampires

Vampire Mood Mod
DOWNLOAD -> with Stride of Pride moodlet

Faster Transformation

Better Vampires

Sleep Hormone 

Woohoo Motives


  1. i have kind of a request..... i love your Mods also big fan of True Blood love that show and would really appreciate if you could create a mod which allows a fairy to be a Hybrid fairy/vampire....?

    1. Hi :) I am also fan of True Blood. Few mods are based on this show. Actualy there is already mod for Hybrids, from twallan: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Hybrid With this mod your sim can be any Hybrid you want :D Propably you will also need: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/MasterController. You can click on your sim, go to Nraas, Master Controller and search for Occult Add option. Here you can add as many other occult states as you like. But beware, few Hybrids can be messy. Like Mummy/Werewolf, this one cannot change to Werewolf.
      I am already playing my main sim as Fairy/Vampire :) Thats why I created little rename for Immortal reward to Daywalker, so it would feel more like in True Blood. If you have any questions about Hybrids or how to get it work, feel free to ask. Have fun :)