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Friday, September 7, 2012

True Blood Life Span

It is updated version of my previous mod called: More or Less Vampires Days.
I decided to make only one version of this mod. For example: no more Take them out! version, cause you can disable vampires in game options and so on.

As the title says it is based on True Blood series. 
Vampires are immortal as they can be without new life happiness reward.
Age multiplier is 999999999999999999999999999999999. Game will show 0 days to next life state.

Fairies are also immortal now. Full blood fairies only. If your fairie will have human children with human partner, they are human = mortal.

Genies are immortal too. This all powerful creatures must be immortal.

And last, Werewolves have life span like humans. 
Enjoy :D
More updates coming soon.


  1. Talking about True Blood, Is possible to make a Mod that adds extra buffs or moodlets to a Vampire when drinks blood from a Fairy??. Actually the game adds a moodlet when a vamp drinks Fairy blood but what about a mod that adds the "SunScreen moodlet to your vamp when drinking from a Fairy???

  2. I was thinking about this idea. Propably someone could make a script mod for it. I don't know much about scrips. For now I can add more mood happiness for this drink from fairies buff. Also I can delete this sparkle thing from vampires when they use sunscreen or they have super vampire reward. I still think whta mods to make and how to change my old mods

  3. Yes, a mod that disables the sparkles for vampires would be cool, many players dislikes sparkles on sims

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Vamp drinking fairy juice' mod would be genius ! as the sparkles disabling mod ;)

    2. I have deleted Sparkly and Permasparkly moodlets in More dangerous sun mod/Vampire mood: http://tremerionsims3.blogspot.com/2012/09/more-dangerous-sun-update-for.html

  5. I will... have... the SUN!!!!!

  6. Any chance your mods will be updated to patch 1.47 or is there no need to update them? Thanks.