Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vampire Tweaker MIX V4

I've finaly updated Mix of fer456's Vampire Tweaker and my mods to the newest version, V4.
Original mod:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vampire Tweaker V2

There is a new version of Vampire Tweaker, V2.
Please read instructions how to safely update your version to a new one.
About Tweaker Mix: I don't have much free time to update my Mix to V2. I've new job.
Also I am mostly give up on playing in Sims 3. Moved to play Wildstar. 
But when I have more free time I will update Mix mod.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vampire Tweaker MIX

Here is my Mix for Vampire Tweaker 1.2 by fer456.
By mix I mean I have mixed my mods into his EPIC mod.
There are 3 versions, each with 2 version option.
All credit goes to fer456 :)
Vampire Tweaker original mod 

All info and changes are inside readme file.

If you have problems, questions = let me know in comments.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Readme for VampireMood mod

As requested here it is.
Readme file for VampireMood mod.

If you don't want to download anything, here it is also:

List of changes for VampireMood mod.
I tried to place every change here, but there are so many changes that I could forget something :)
All versions
Sleepy moodlet for Vampires:
In this state Vampires cannot learn anything (normaly value was -2, now it is -10)
Heating up: Vampire is instantly smoking on the sun. It lasts for 1 hour the Too Much Sun moodlet is on.
-60 points to mood.

Too Much Sun: lasts for 1 day. -300 points to mood.

SanguineSnack: lasts for 1 day.

Sated: lasts for 12 hours.

Drank From A Fairy: lasts for 4 hours and gives +300 to mood.

Weakened(for Vampire victims): lasts for 1 day. -100 to victims mood(moodlet still has positive color)

No Stride of Pride and Walk of Shame.


Same as VampireMood but Stride of Pride and Walk of Shame still exsists.


Same as VampireMood but with no Perma Sparkly moodlet.
Perma Sparkly makes Vampires with Immortal reward sparkle on the sun.


Same as VampireMoodV2 but Stride of Pride and Walk of Shame still exsists.


All OnFire versions will make Vampires burn(literaly) on the sun when Too Much Sun moodlet is applied.

Versions V2 and Walks same as previous versions.

VampireMoodDaywalkers versions

Heating up is never turning on. Vampires can walk outside even by day.

V2 and Walks versions same as above.


If you have problems, questions feel free to write in comment sections.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Vampire mood 1.67 fixed

I've fixed non-showing moodlets.
Please redownload:
Link inside post 1.67 patch updates is also fixed.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vampire mood mod 1.67 mistake

Somehow this mod is turning moodlets off. I've noticed this today. 
For now only in Daywalkers version. 
I will see into it and fix it. 
Sorry for this kind of mistake.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Patch 1.67 Update

Finally here it is!
This is good day for new stuff.
Little advertisement:
new album(4th) of Blood Red Shoes is here!
Go check them! They're awesome!
All mods updated to 1.67.
From each mod use only one version!

Life Span

Motality Ticket
(other version of Life Span)

Drink From Everyone Vampires

Hardly Hungry Vampires

Vampire Mood
(with and without Stride of Pride and Walk of Shame, also Sparkly and PermaSparkly moodlets are back;
V2 - Perma Sparkly moodlet deleted)
(non-showing moodlets fixed)

Faster Transformation

Better Vampires

Sleep Hormone 

Woohoo Motives

PlantSim Possibility
10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 % chances of getting PlantSim.

No Ghosts
Old mod is back!
Ghosts will not appear. You will see them only when sim dies.

More Items in Potion Store
This mod will make you see 400 items in potion store.
Every possible potion or ingredient or anything.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

About update 1.66 and 1.67

This two last updates seems totaly poitless.
1.66 - useful only if you have Into the Future EP
1.67 - updated server messaging (whaaat...)

But I will update my mods to newest version of the game. As soon as I will have time for it.
I've putted Sims 3 aside for some time already. Playing mostly in MMOs.
I plan also to revisit most or all of my mods, even those that was not updated for a hell long time.
Maybe making some kind of closure with Sims 3.