Friday, February 22, 2013

Mods updated to Patch 1.50

Life Span:
1. Immortal Vampires, Genies and Fairies. Werewolfs has normal human life span.
2. Everyone is mortal -> Mortality Ticket

Drink From Everyone - Vampires:
Vampires can drink from everyone and turn everyone.

 Hardly Hungry Vampires:
If vampire has Hardly Hungry Trait from Lifetime Rewards 
he/she will get slower decay of Thirst
Vampire Mood Mod:
Many changes in moodlets/buffs. 
1. Vampires will burn on sun immediatly.
2. Daywalkers: vampires can walk in the sun.
both version:
-with or without Stride of Pride moodlet.
Deleted Sparkling moodlets.
(Stride of Pride not deleted) 

Faster Transformation:
Faster Transformation for vampires.
From 1 Day to Instant transformation.
Instant: Vampire will freeze for sometime, don't worry about it.

Better Vampires:
Vampires will get "blood sweat" when working out or jogging. 
They will loose Thirst/Blood. Be aware.
Also they will learn some skills faster or slower.
NPC vampires will not get any Plasma Fruits.

Sleep Hormone(Fixed):
I forgot to place rest of files into rar. Now it is fixed.
Sims and pets will not loose Hunger while sleeping.
Few versions for vampires:
Bladder in name -> Will regenerate Bladder for vampires on altars.
If you believe that vampires do not pee and so on.
Thirst -> will stop Thirst from decaying while sleeping on altars and beds.

Woohoo Motives:
Sims will loose Hygiene and Energy while woohooing.


  1. Does this mean all your other mods are OK for the patch? Plus does SleepHormone 1.50 affect everyone? There is only one file in the .rar

    1. Thank you for reminding me. I forgot to place rest of files into rar. It is fixed now. Please redownload.

      All my mods are working with 1.50 patch and yes Sleep Hormone affecs everyone, sims, sups and pets alike.

  2. So to confirm VampireMood_Showtime works with 1.50 as well?

    1. I really recommend to use latest update of my mods. I have all major expansions, but it should not be a problem if you don't have all of them.
      For example: you don't have Night Life or Supernatural = mods for vampires and other sups will do nothing in your game. And so on.

  3. Hey bud, I just wanted to let you know that with the drink from everyone, it's requiring your victim to be a romantic interest, otherwise, they reject the bite and act pissy at your vamp sim. Any way to fix that? For now, I'm using different mods which fixed it, but that Immortal LTR is still making the vamps bite on wrist always. Any way to fix that one, too?

    1. I've uploaded a fix for this mod:

      Thx for letting me know :)