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Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Flying Fairies mod

Another mod about Fae kind.
You may consider it as a continuation to my Invisible Fairy Wings mod.
I made a few flavors.

1. No_Fairy_Flight -> The only gifts from Fairy could be: Golden Toad or Inner Beauty.
No Flight of Felicity.
File used: OccultFairy

2. No_FlyingInteractions -> Fairies will not talk about Flight Experience and can't Bestow Flight of Felicity to anyone.
File used: SocialData_EP7

3. No_ICanFly_Fairies -> Makes I Can Fly interaction unavaible to any Fairy.
No autonomous I Can Fly too.
Only sims affected by Fairy dust will have this interaction available.
File used: SimICanFly

4. No_Flying_Fairies -> All in one version.

You can use any flavor, in any combination.
All flavors are in one .rar file.

Fairies will still fly while running.

If you have any question,s problems or anything write a comment :)

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  1. PRzydatny mod :)
    Nominowałam Cię do Versatile Blogger Award. http://anulaa89.blogspot.com/2013/07/nominacja-do-versatile-blogger-award-i.html
    Pozdrowionka :)