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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Dangerous Sun For Vampires & More

Update: 1.31-1.33 version -> Showtime

This mod improve vampire moodlets. The negative and positive.
Now your vampire must beware the sun much more!
In EA's standard vampire can be in sun for 4 hours. After 1 hour he/she gets Heating Up moodlet and after 3 hours vampire lose all powers and suffer a little. This Too Much Sun moodlet last for 2 days.
Now vampire will get Heating Up after 10 minutes!
And after 30 minutes Too Much Sun will appear.
But it is not end of this. Too Much Sun will give vampire -300 for mood and make thirst go down much faster. So this will be true fight for survival. This will last for 1 day.

Use only one!

Vampire Mood: Changes listed above with pictures.

VampireMood_NormalMood: No changes in mood values. Everything else the same like in VampireMood.

VampireMood_Sun_NoThirst: No changes in decay of thirst.
Everything else the same like in VampireMood.

VampireMood_DayWalkers: Heating Up will appear after 24 hours. Sun doesn't shine for that long Now vampire will not smoke anymore. Everything else the same like in VampireMood.
Other moodlets changes are: More positive mood for Sanguine Snack after Hunt. Hunt is more fun for vampires!
Sated will give not 15 but 30 positive mood points.
Also Vampiric Vigor give 30 not 15 points.
And if your vampire is sleepy(have sleepy moodlet) then his/hers speed of learning is drasticly lower. Then he/she cannot learn anything. Must go sleep!

File. ..._NoStrideOfPride -> no more Stride Of Pride moodlet. If this was annoying you as much as me you will be happy to never see this like-pain-in-the-ass walk again.
Weakened moodlet is now negative. It will give -100 mood and last for one day. Sim will be stressed because of losing blood.

If you see something not working or crashing, let me know in comments or PM.
Sated and Sanguine Snack versions added as other file.

Conflict: With any mod changing Buffs file, Heating up buff, Too much sun buff and Sleepy buff.
XML files used: Buffs, BuffTooMuchSun, BuffHeatingUp, BuffSleepy


  1. Hello, would this be safe for 1.36 patch? Thanks

  2. From all I know my mods are working fine with 1.36

  3. Hello.
    At first - sorry for my bad english.
    Could you please share this mod for version 1.26 (if you still have this version of course). Thanks

  4. Sorry, the oldest version that I have is for 1.29. Why not update your game?

    1. I have very huge collection of mods and other additional content. I think they don`t agree with my(and you too) opinion about game version update, but thanks for the advice and reaction. =)

  5. Thank you very much for this mod!

  6. Thank you, would this mod continue working with patch 1.38 or 1.39?

    1. Sorry, I haven't checked the other threads. Anyway thank you. I love this mod.