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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Hunger Loss for Sleeping Ones

This mod will stop Hunger from decaying when sim is sleeping. So he/she will wake up with Hunger at the same level it was when he/she was going to bed.

Update: 1.31-1.33 version -> Showtime
Added new sleep objects: Beach Towel and Actor Trailer

I was always pissed off that my sims need to get up at night and eat something, cause they will starve while sleeping or after waking up.
In real life we don't starve while we are sleeping because of hormon. So I made this one simple mod.
Basicly you don't need Night Life for this to work, I think.
I am using Sims Town Stuff.

File Edited: BedSleep_Bed, Sleep_Altar, Sleep_IGameObject, Sleep_ISleepingBag, Sleep_PetHouse, Sleep_Sarcophagus, Sleep_Treehouse, SleepAndNapOnObject_GameObject, SleepHelper_CatCondo, SleepOnCatCondo2_CatCondo, SleepOnCatCondo3_CatCondo, SleepOnCatCondo4_CatCondo, SleepOnFloor_Sim and SleepPet_PetBed.

Conflict: Will conflict with any other mod changing this file.

There are 6 versions of this mod. 3 updated to Generations and 3 to Pets with more sleeping objects.
Use only one!

Sleep Hormon -> Stoping Hunger decay when sim is sleeping. So he/she will wake up with Hunger level the same when he/she was jumping into bed.
->should work in any version of the game and do not need Night Life for it.

Sleep Hormon+Vampires -> Stoping Hunger decay when sim is sleeping. Also, stoping Vampire Thirst when vampires are sleeping in beds or on altar.

Sleep Hormon+Vampires_Altar -> As above, but only stops Vampire Thirst when vampire is sleeping on altar. In beds he/she will still loose Thirst.
Will conflict with my other mod, "Vampire "Bed" Now Raise Motives!"

I have Polish game version, so in pictures: Glód = Hunger, Pragnienie = Thirst


  1. Replies
    1. New version of this mod: http://tremerionsims3.blogspot.com/2012/09/sleep-hormone-supernatural.html

    2. Opps, I already updated it. Didn't you once have a No React to Burglars mod?

    3. It's still here: http://tremerionsims3.blogspot.com/2012/04/no-more-pet-investigating.html