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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Turn into Vampire faster

 I was thinking about this mod for some time and today finaly it is done.
This mod will change time needed for a sim to turn into a Vampire. As you know sim is turning in about 3 sim day. he or she wears this bite marks for some time.
Too long for me and propably for other Vampires fans. Turn should be much faster.

Version: 1.31-1.33 -> Showtime
File used: BuffVampireBite

Here it is!
There are 5 versions of this mod. Choose only one.
If sim freezez, dont panic. Apparently this is normal procedure. Sim will be freezed for few sim minutes and then unfreeze.

VTransformation_Instant -> Sim will turn instantly, it means: messeges will pop up one by one, sim will get red light, bats around and glowing skin. Ta da!

VTransformation_30M -> Every messege will pop up after 10 sim minutes. And after last messege sim will finish his or hers turn.

VTransformation_1H -> Turn will take 1 sim hour. Firts messege after 10 sim minutes, second after 20 and last one after 30.

VTransformation_12H -> Turn will take 12 sim hours. First message after 1 hour, second after 5 hours and last one after 6 hours.

VTransformation_1D -> Turn will take 1 day. Like the last day of sim's mortality. First message after 5 hours, second after 7 hours and last one after 12 hours.

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