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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More or Less Vampires Days

Update: 1.31-1.33 version - > Showtime

If you see something not working or crashing, let me know in comments or PM

This mod is for people who want more or less live-days for vampires.
Pictures are from Polish version of the game. My english is not perfect ^^

XML file used: AgingManager. The last lines fo vampires <kVampireLifeSpanMultiplier value="5">(normal)

Conflict: Rothchild's No CAS age staggering mod, rmrm's Shorter Toddler Stage, Longer Child Stage. Thx for into goes to amy_su88 and IndigoKarin
This mods are incompatible with any other mod changing life stages time and AgingManager file.

You can choose from 7 different versions. See pictures about each version and life span level.

Use only one type of mod.

(Life span is for adult sim and be aware that my sim has some days passed)
Normal vampire life span:
Life span: Short = 30, Medium = 60, Normal = 100, Long = 215, Epic = 1070

Fast: Vampires will have shorter lives. If you believe they are living too long, this is for you.
Multiplier = 2
Life span: Short = 12, Medium = 23, Normal = 40, Long = 84, Epic = 419

Very Fast: Vampire will live like normal sim on each type of life option.
Multiplier = 1
Life span: Short = 6, Medium = 11, Normal = 19, Long = 39, Epic = 194

Slow: Vampires will get old slower. This is for you if you believe they have not enough days for living.
Multiplier = 10
Life span: Short = 60, Medium = 119, Normal = 208, Long = 444, Epic = 2219

Very Slow: Much more slower then Slow version
Multiplier = 30
Life span: Short = 180, Medium = 359, Normal = 628, Long = 1344, Epic = 6719

Like Immortal: Now you can stop worring about life span of your vampire. No matter if you have Epic life span or Short, your vampire will live forever, almost...
Multiplier = 1000
Life span: Short = 6000, Medium = 11999, Normal = 20998, Long = 44994, Epic = 226967
But if you want your vampire to be immortal, realy immortal, try Buzzler's Aging Mod: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/s...ic,16983.0.html

Take Them Out!: If you want to get rid of vampires for good, this is for you.
Multiplier = 0
Life Span: On every option = 0 days. Only for Young Adults, Adults and Elders. If sim start as Young Adult Vampire, he/she will live 3 days, one for each age.

True Immortal!: This is true immortal! Vampires have shows 0 days to change age, but this bar is empty and it will be always empty. It will always show 0 days! So vampire is immortal! :D
Multiplayer = 99999999999999999999999999999999... Game doesn't have so big numbers, so it shows 0, always.

Beware:Always make backups of your saves, even if you know the mod will not brake them

Instalation: Copy chosen type of mod into Mods/Packages

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