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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vampire "Bed" Now Raise Motives!

Update 1.31-1.33 version - > Showtime
Finally update is here. After more then a year.
I added a new version also, called Vampire_Altar_Hibernation.
When vampire will go sleep on altar, all his/hers motives will be stop, inculding energy and thirst. So if you are using twallans mods like Relativity(speeds time) and Story progression, then you can speed up your town, while your vampire will be hibernated for time to rise again :D
It will still show the hour of how long vampire will be speeping, but he/she will not get up until you or something noisy wake vampire up.

If you see something not working or crashing, let me know in comments or PM
Minor changed done, like locking some motives in realistic versions.
This mod raise motives for vampires. Motives grow when vampire sleep on his/hers "bed". Ofcourse this not affects thirst.

File used: Sleep_Altar
Conflict: With any other mod changing this file.
Mod has 6 versions.
Use only one!

Physicals: Energy, Bladder, Hygiene
Mentals: Social and Fun


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