Daily Laughter

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Little Mods

No Ghosts
This mod is placing ghosts back to the ground. No ghost will appear, ever. />

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No More Pet Investigating
This mod will stop pets from waking sims up just to look at them.

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No Reaction To Burglar
This mod will make your sims never ever react to burglar,
even if he or she is robbing your sims' house.

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Slower Cars
This mod will slower cars and horses if you have Pets by about 3 times.
So drive earlier to work or you will be late...

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  1. O! Bardzo przydatne modyfikacje, szczególnie ta pierwsza. Zawsze denerwowały mnie duchy jeżdżące samochodami o.O

  2. Hej :) masz jakiś bannerek to się wymienimy. Bardzo przydatne mody z pewnością skorzystam :)

  3. I know your having computer problems but just wanted to let you know the No React to burglar does not work. Or reactting to the alarm is normal?/

    1. Mod is updated to 1.39