Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Drink From Everyone - Vampires *FIX*

This mod needed a fix. 
Cause Vampires have problems with proper animation when drinking from Sims.
Now they will alays drink from neck.
If you want it, you can download it from here:

If something is not working correctly, please let me know.


  1. Okay, so they don't have to be romantic interests to drink anymore? And no one will "reject" the bite, getting creeped out and all? And the Immortal LTR issue is fixed, I trust? I really like your mods; they make my vampires actually be vampires!

    1. I've tested this with my test-vampire on random sim, no rejection, no getting creeped out. Vampires will bite in the neck, always. Also I have added code line for Immortal LTR. It should work the same for all Vampires.

  2. I tested this out and it works for me! Even with the immortal LTR my vampire will always drink from the neck. However, when I offered to turn the human my vampire bit the wrist instead. Is it possible to make one for the vampires to always bite the neck even when turning with the immortal LTR? Thank you and I love your mods!

  3. It works for me! I haven't turned anyone, though. Personally, I don't mind the wrist bite for turning people, but I do have to have them bite the neck any other time lol! Now to load up my vampire and kill some paparazzis, ha-ha!