Monday, June 11, 2012

No more plasma!

As said before I proudly brings this mod for you.
It changes strings for all things about vampires(without wants, Stubble doesn't see lines for them).
So now vampire will need to drink blood not plasma.
Changes for example:
Thirst = Blood or Thirst of Blood/Krew lub Pragnienie krwi
Plasma Juice = Blood Pack/Woreczek z krwią
Plasma Fruit = Blood Fruit/Krwawy owoc
Drink(from sims) = Feed on/Pożyw się
Offer Turn = Offer Dark Gift/Zaoferuj Mroczny Dar
and many more.

 This mod has two versions:
NewStrings_Vampires - Thirst of Blood
NewStrings_Vampires_Blood - Blood
Only differences are the name for thirst.
Languages are: Polish for Polish version
English for all.
If you want to translate it for your language you can do it simply in S3PE. If you want send me file(translated mod or just pure string file) and I will put it inside mod.

I hope it will be more useful then this:

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